Rentz-Eden Oil Company in Reidsville, NC

In 1939 L. W. Rentz established Rentz Oil Company located in Rockingham County North Carolina. Mr. Rentz came to Reidsville from Atlanta, Georgia where Gulf Oil Company had employed him. Mr. Rentz was originally assigned to the area to oversee the consignment of the Gulf brand in Reidsville and Rockingham County.
Mr. Thompson joined Rentz Oil Company in 1955. An alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Rentz in 1962 became the first Sunoco Distributor in North Carolina. Carrying the brand for 34 years, it was during this time Sunoco became the industry leader in performance racing fuels.
In 1975 Reid Teague also an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, came on board. Mr. Teague's move to the petroleum industry came after three years with Wachovia Bank. Rentz Oil Company purchased Denzel Johnson Fuel Company, Exxon Distributorship, in 1977 incorporating two major brands of fuel and petroleum products as well as integrating Exxon's lubricant line into the Rockingham County area.
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Shortly after the purchase of Johnson Fuel Company in 1980 Mr. Rentz retired after 41 years of service. After his retirement Mr. Teague and Mr. Thompson acquired Rentz Oil Company keeping the name that had become a staple in the community for over 40 years. Although undertaking joint interests Rentz Oil and Eden Oil were vastly different in the petroleum industry.
Mr. Thompson and Rentz Oil Company were predominately invested in service stations and acquiring property for new stations and concentrated on what is now known as co-branding, joining food services companies and gasoline pumping stations. In 1996 Rentz Oil left the Sunoco brand and partnered with Citgo Petroleum. At that time Citgo was a new and undeveloped brand in this region.
While Rentz Oil was developing the Citgo brand, Eden Oil Company and Mr. Teague were investing time and energy into the Exxon lubricant business. At that time second only to Mobil Oil, Exxon was an industry leader in the industrial lubrication market. Producing products ranging from hydraulic fluids to turbine oils and a vast array of grease and gear oils, Eden Oil Company used Exxon's image and products to service the majority of textile and manufacturing facilities in the area. With Exxon's line of heavy-duty engine oils Eden Oil also began to break into the construction and commercial farming industry in the area.
In 1998 Mr. Thompson retired after 43 years of service. It was at that time that Mr. Teague purchased the remaining shares of Rentz Oil and incorporated into Eden Oil Company, Inc., doing business as Rentz-Eden Oil Company. In the capable hands of Reid Teague Rentz-Eden Oil still aspire to the goals that Mr. Rentz established in 1939. Running this company on the principals of offering quality goods and services that are among the very best in the business, Mr. Teague is a well-rounded businessman with many roles not only in the petroleum industry but the community as well. Reid Teague was a board member at Newbridge Bank for 16 years and retired from that position in 2016 when Yadkin Bank purchased Newbridge Bank. He is a former director of the North Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association and is a member of the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA). He and his wife, Cynthia Teague, have two daughers and two grandchildren. The Teague family is a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Reidsville, North Carolina. Mrs. Teague is a Certified Public Accountant and is an active executive in the company. In 1939 Rentz Oil Company started out as a family owned and operated small business and to this day that tradition remains.

Our mission and goals are the same as any large organization, but unlike most; we still carry the small town values of doing business. Rentz-Eden Oil is a strong and thriving business in today's market and we feel like our history proves why. The Citgo brand is now among the leaders of market share for the petroleum industry and with the merger of Exxon and Mobil the lubricant division is a leading force in the market. Rentz-Eden Oil Company like our suppliers, are ever growing to meet the demands of our customers. We hope you will allow us to show you the service you deserve and the competitive pricing that you need.
Our organization started out with two delivery trucks and drivers and two office personnel. Today we have grown to 10 office personnel, 6 transport drivers, 6 transports, 4 tank wagon drivers, seven tank wagons, and one lube truck delivering over 63,000,000 gallons of gasoline, diesel, and lubricant products a year. We currently service 46 Citgo’s, 25 ExxonMobil stations and over 100 unbranded stations in North Carolina and Virginia.
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Rentz-Eden Oil Co., Inc. received the North Carolina Petroleum and Convenience Marketers (NCPM) L.W. Locke Retailer of the Year Award in 2014. The award, named in memory of the founder of Eastern Petroleum Corp., honors recipients for their community programs, including fundraising, sponsorship of community programs, community involvement, and special programs for employees.