Quality Fuel Distributors in Reidsville, NC

Rentz-Eden Oil Company is a proud distributor of quality Exxon and Citgo Petroleum fuels. We currently service over 25 independently owned and operated Exxon and 50 Citgo dealers in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina as well as South Central Virginia. In addition we currently service over 250 independently owned unbranded stations using the relationships we have with over 20 different supply companies in both the Greensboro and Selma terminal cities. These relationships enable Rentz-Eden Oil to meet supply and demand with virtually uninterrupted service and make a logical and dependable choice for all industry and corporations when addressing their petroleum needs.
Our staff of dedicated transport drivers makes us the best in the business for service. We have over 30 years of experience hauling petroleum products safely on our roads and highways. Rentz-Eden Oil’s turnaround time from dispatch to delivery is among the best in the business. We pride ourselves on same day delivery of transport loads.
We impress upon our stations a need for quality stock in their stores and cleanliness both inside and out of their property. Over the years stations serviced by Rentz-Eden Oil have become known for their effort in promoting the latest brand image and up to date pumping equipment. Our Citgo and Exxon sites have received some of the highest marks given by the auditors of the Citgo and Exxon Branding Division.

Gasoline and Distillates Suppliers

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