Bulk and Package Lubricants in Reidsville, NC

Rentz-Eden Oil carries a full line of Bulk and package lubricants for both automotive and industrial applications.

Bulk Oil

Rentz-Eden Oil carries the high quality line of Chevron oil and Hydraulic Fluids. We can also provide storage tanks and pumps for your jobsite. Our onsite products include:
  • Chevron Ursa Super 15w40
  • Delo 400LE 15w40
  • Chevron Hydraulic AW32, AW46, AW68, and THF1000
  • Chevron Supreme 5w30, 5w20 and 10w30

Bulk items for delivery only include:

  • Havoline Conventional 5w30, 5w20, and 10w30
  • Havoline ProDS Full Synthetic 5w30 & 0w20
  • Chevron Torque Force 10wt, 30wt, and 50wt
  • Chevron Rando HD 22, 46 & 68
  • Chevron Regal R&O 32, 46, & 68
  • Chevron Ursa Hydraulic 10wt
  • Delo Syn Blend 10w30

Package Goods:

We also carry package lubricants from wide variety of suppliers in various sizes including totes, drums, pails, gallons, and quart size cases. Our product line includes.
  • Chevron
  • Havoline
  • Mobil
  • Primrose
  • Peak Anti-Freeze
  • Peak Blue DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)
  • CDEF
  • Xtreme Blue Windshield Washer fluid
  • CAM 2
  • Pennzoil
  • Castrol
  • Shell Rotella
  • Motorcraft
  • Valvoline
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